Clear Choice Oral Neutralizing Gum

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Introducing Clear Choice Oral Neutralizing Gum

  • The world's BEST saliva solution.
  • Instantly neutralizes all toxins!
  • Effective in a blazing fast 30 seconds and will last 30 minutes.

  • Remove gum capsule from tube, remove wrapping.
  • Save wrapping for used gum. 
  • With lips sealed, bite into gum capsule then allow liquid to spread through the mouth without swallowing.

  • Once you have chewed on the gum capsule for 30 seconds, the effect will last a minimum of 30 minutes.

Other Info:

  • Although the gum is effective for up to 30 minutes best results are obtained within 10 minutes after biting into gum.

  • Oral Clear works best on recently brushed/flossed teeth, but also performs well as a cleanse between brushings.

  • Gum piece contains an inner liquid filled capsule which is sensitive to heat.

  • Keep away from extreme heat and store at room temperature.

  • Do not bend, twist, squeeze, or otherwise disfigure gum before use.

  • No abstinence period is required prior to using this product.

  • Maintaining a good dental hygiene will amplify the products effectiveness.

  • Avoid using this product more than twice monthly.


Contains -

1x Single use Toxin neutralizing gum.

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